Battle of the Bots

The robot takeover or revolution as some may call it is near. George Mason University pioneered its food delivery robot through Starship Technologies. This fleet of 25 bots is changing the game for food delivery on this campus. While the time per order has not lived up to the hype it might eventually achieve its original goal. Delivery robots are not only limited to college campuses. Amazon and FedEx have released their own models as well. FedEx’s will not be implemented until this summer. Their creation is partnering with local retailers in Memphis to accomplish same day delivery. According to their data, 60% of retailer consumers live within 3 miles of a store. Lastly, we will discuss one of the leaders in the shipping industry, Amazon. Snohomish County residents are given the luxury as the first to test the new Amazon Scout. These 6 robots will be used to increase the shipping demands for the local Washington state consumers. Maybe robot deliveries are the mode of delivery of the future. But will the trucking industry really be impacted long-term by this?